Top Phones with Face Screen Lock Feature

19 Jun 2018
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Top Phones with Face Screen Lock Feature

The rise and rise of facial detection technology in smart devices portends a new dawn in the race towards the invention of an impregnable security system for the mobile world. Indeed, smartphone manufacturers are locked in a battle to control the expanding market for facial smart devices with an estimated 1 billion devices expected to have this feature by 2020.
Apple made the first move by hyping the FaceID on iPHONE X and as expected, others have followed swiftly. So, which other top phones come with the face screen lock feature? Here are the brands that left a lasting impression on our team.

OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T offers one of the best values for your money.
Leading the pack is the Face unlock which is backed up ably by a finger-print protection, in essence, making it a 2-stage hard-to-penetrate device. The other winners are the mammoth 6.01 inches screen, an interesting tweaked design, and a vastly improved 16MP + 20MP rear camera. You can’t under-rate the sleek looks and the admirable power thanks to the Snapdragon 835 CPU and RAM either 6GB/8GB.

Samsung Galaxy S8

A super brand, this is one of Samsung’s best attempt at meeting the demands of its sophisticated clientele.
S8’s edge-to-edge OLED (bezel-less) display is outstanding and a beauty to behold while the Dual-Pixel 12MP rear camera (with Optical Image Stabilization) is simply top-notch. The trend-setting 10nm processor is super-fast and powerful and really saves on the battery life. Lastly, its iris scan teams up with the fingerprint to keep off the prying eyes. 

iPhone X

The iPhone X fully justifies its hefty pricing with a well-rounded performance on critical areas.
First, like its rival, the S8, the big bezel-less OLED Multi-Touch display is a wonder while its touch accuracy takes the model to a whole new level. Then, the new telephoto 12MP wide-angle camera comes with optical image stabilization ensuring high-resolution photos whatever your skill-set. But the biggest news remains the Face ID which can analyze and remember over 30,000 invisible facial dots to capture a precise impression of your face!

Oppo F5

Oppo has been slowly but surely eating into the market for flagship brands and the Oppo F5 is designed to match the best there is in premium gadgets. The 6-inch bezel-less18:9 display, AI powered front facing camera which produce stunning selfies, and the nimble-footed MediaTek MY6763T processor are a testament to this. The 32GB storage capacity is within the range expected at this level while  its facial recognition feature leverages on its extensive AI to lock out intrusive characters.

LG V30

Not to be left behind, LG launched the V30 in Q3 of 2017 with large fanfare. Frankly, it has lived up to the hype with its assortment of high-end features including the FullVision display panel (18:9-format), a fingerprint sensor, and a reinforced facial recognition features.
At 158 grams (~5.6 oz), this is surprisingly light and also protected against water and dust. In addition, it fits well in your hands thanks to the Gorilla rounded case. The dual camera also seems been updated to offer a large aperture and can now take shots in dimly lit conditions.

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