Top Huawei Honor 10 Cases

14 Jun 2018
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Top Huawei Honor 10 Cases

Huawei honor 10 is an elegant phone. Unfortunately, it’s also a fragile gadget and prone to falls and slips.
Buying a good case could ,therefore, prove to be an inspired decision considering its steep pricing.
Now, the phone has quite a following so there’s a torrent of options all competing for your attention when selecting an ideal case.
Here we highlight 5 of the very best Huawei honor 10 cases:

KuGi Honor 10 case

Slim, fitting, and soft… this has it all.
It also flaunts the looks to turn heads everywhere you go with the scratch-proof back cover putting on a show of your phone's beauty
Users praise its durability and ease of access to your gadget’s functions including the user interface.
Not to forget it’s super easy to slip on.
Your phone deserves top protection and that’s what you get here- each and every part of your smashing device is sheltered.


How about a thin experience? At just Only 0.8mm, Anccer is so thin it almost feels bare. Your deluxe phone ,in turn, feels light, slim, and cool to handle.
Turning to use, it provides a straightforward access to all your central features thanks to the precise cut-outs which perfectly fits your Huawei 10 openings exactly.
The case also recognizes that your phone is unique in its own way.
Therefore, this case’s Gravel skin shielding design topped with a luxurious color will make your phone the center of attraction.

Orzly FlexiCase

The orzly flexicase is a simple, functional, and for sure, a highly flexible case to use with your Huawei Honor 10.
Wear & tear, small knocks, bumps, dirt, and scratches have no way through…not with its advanced construction.
It’s solid yet springy enough to keep your phone snug and secure in a perfect position ,curving around the edges on the front and creating a protective lip which shelters your screen in case you drop your phone or place it face down.

Olixar Full Body Cover

The Olixar full-body cover is a vintage-looking case that couples a rugged textured TPU body with a curved tempered glass protector to shield the body and the screen of your phone expertly.
 This case is especially cool if you are looking for an edge to edge security for your honor 10 — especially since it’s also water-resistant.
As usual, there are precise cutouts for the all ports and connectors on the honor 10.
Additionally, its inner pattern helps to deflect shock and in heat dissipation.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

This is another case to attract truckloads of raving reviews from Honor 10 owners.
It’s made from 100% transparent TPU material that ensures that Honor 10’s charm continues to shine through  , while guaranteeing decent protection.
The TPU is one of the more tender materials (yet durable), so it’s excellent for absorbing shocks resulting  from drops and falls.
It also comes with a single, flexible layer design which makes it very easy to install.
Still, and like its peers in our selection, the Spigen case is slim, form-fitten, and  feather-light.
And with the reinforced buttons providing quick responsiveness, this could be the case to safeguard your valuable device.

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