Top Alternative Apps to Whatsapp

13 Jun 2018
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Top Alternative Apps to Whatsapp

That Whatsapp is a phenomenon is not in doubt. Otherwise, its massive 1.5 Billion users  would shun it.
But it’s still a ‘normal’ invention meaning it has its own challenges. For instance, its chat backup process takes time.
It also limits groups to a mere 256 members.
As if that’s not enough, if you change to a new device, the previous chats are lost in the ‘air’.
That’s precisely why the market is teeming with tens of apps itching to get a piece of the pie.
Here now are the topmost alternative apps to whatsapp…


Viber has been around for some time and was among the first to rival whatsapp.
Like its more popular competitor, The app still relies on your telephone numbers to identify users.
It offers news feeds, public chats, and stickers.
The app also provides charged international voice and video calls to mobile and even unregistered landline numbers for very low rates.
In addition, Viber runs on almost every known device – laptops, desktop,  and smartphones, giving its users superior flexibility and functionality.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a powerful stand-alone chat application and is excellent for chatting with your Facebook friends.
Messenger has grown tremendously and now features video and voice call as well as the usual chats.
Another beautiful feature is its support for third-party apps such as Action Movie FX, Camoji, Giphy, Meme Generator among others which lets you send photos, GIFs, memes, and even short movies via Messenger.
Chats are typically one-on-one while it also notifies you when your buddy reads your messages or when they are busy writing one.
You can also create group messages .


Telegram has made its name from offering superb security and admirable speeds making it a top alternative to Whatsapp.
Its group can have as many as 10000 contacts, while still maintaining “snapchat style” security. Indeed, it supports encrypted voice calls.
Telegram also supports virtually all multimedia content and can send videos as big as 1GB.
You can also use this free app. on all your gadgets simultaneously with  your messages synching smoothly across your computers, phones, and tablets.


For starters, Skype allows cheap and free phone and video calling on your phone.
Available for both Android and iOS, it allows you to call from your Skype account to any other skype for free.
The app includes full SMS support, so you can send text messages as well as group chats- very cool for communication among teams.
In addition, you can make international as well as domestic calls at insanely low rates using a Wi-Fi connection or your device's data.
Skype is also hugely popular on Windows, Linux, Mac, Symbian, and several connected TVs.


IMO offers chat, voice and video calling, photo sharing and group chats among other features. The app is pretty much cross platform meaning you can log into this service on platforms such as Amazon, iOS, and Android, plus web browsers.
When chatting, imo ensures that your chats are secured with SSL/TLS while video calls are also encrypted.
Well, it offers everything you may think off from whatsapp and it’s also very simple to use.
The one drawback is that IMO isn’t compatible with other messaging apps. and your friends have to join the app to chat.

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