Security of Public WiFi networks

26 May 2018

Security of Public WiFi networks

Security of Public WiFi networks

It could be dangerous allowing the phone to connect to public or unencrypted WiFi hotspots

People don't really care if others can see the data like email being received or sent, stock quotes etc. It is important about security of passwords like Gmail, Facebook or other websites.

Users should ensure before they initiate a connection to a financial institution or other public network, as it is potentially subject to hacking attacks even if passwords aren't cleartext and are encrypted.

If user uses the Android web browser to access any sites that you've logged into and that don't use an SSL encrypted page while you're browsing them, then you should be very paranoid.

Some apps on computer or smartphone uses an unencrypted Wifi connection anyone can check to anyone else who is connecter’s network traffic. It get access of cookies that other people's laptops and phones send out while they're browsing, grabs those cookies and lets you use them to log into a vast list of websites as that person.  It doesn't need to capture login names or passwords, so it doesn't matter if you're careful about not entering your password into anything over a public connection.

However web mail is also an important factor as its temporary access to that is incredibly useful for an attacker.
When user registers for websites your logins are often emailed to you that are very easy to search for in someone's email.
Some attacker can visit various websites and click the Forgot password button to get the password emailed to the account they can now access

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