Samsung explains the reason behind Galaxy Note7 explosions

09 Sep 2016

Samsung explains the reason behind Galaxy Note7 explosions

Galaxy Note7 sales surpassed the initial predictions, but halted globally with the reports of exploding batteries, followed by a worldwide recall of units already sold.

For users interested in knowing the reason causing some Samsung Galaxy Note7s to explode, the South Korean company has briefly shared the results of its internal investigation on the issue.
It has been explained that overheating of the battery cell occurs when the anode-to-cathode came into contact and it is very rare manufacturing process error. This issue is only limited to the Galaxy Note7 as each model has a varying design and manufacturing process.

Also, it is not a device issue and isolated to the battery cell only. Samsung confirmed that of the 35 explosions have come to its notice through its customer service centers. 17 explosions have been reported in Korea, 17 in the US, and 1 in Taiwan. But, there have been no reported injuries globally.
Company has said that the issue is isolated to a battery cell, but they are prioritizing the safety of users, and voluntarily replacing Galaxy Note7 devices with a new one. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has advised users against turning on or charging the device on board a plane.

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