Oppo F1s launched with 16MP selfie camera

04 Aug 2016

Oppo F1s launched with 16MP selfie camera

Oppo has become world’s top five smartphone vendors, and in India the brand has gained some popularity with its selfie-camera smartphones. The Oppo F1s has now been official and have further advancements from Selfie Expert F1. Oppo F1s has 16MP front-facing camera with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and f/2.0 aperture.

The main camera is 13MP and supports up to 1080p video recording. It has 5.5" 720p IPS display and 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. It has Mediatek MT6750 chipset with an octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU running at 1.5GHz.
Below the screen, it has rounded home button that integrates a fingerprint reader, a pair of capacitive buttons on either side. Its fingerprint reader is really accurate with blazing speed of 0.22 seconds per read. However,the fingerprint reader isn't always on and user have to wake the phone up first and then unlock it. It might actually be a conscious power-saving setup.

Oppo's Color OS is quite impressive OS. The V3.0.0.i ROM in the Oppo F1s is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Som it does not have any of Google's more recent platform improvements including runtime permissions or the battery-saving Dozing feature.
It has feature that user can get notifications when an app wants access to sensitive and it has remarkable level of notification control on a per-app basis. Also, user can easily restrict the background activity of third-party app to save the battery.
In performance, running multiple applications like Google Chrome, Camera app, graphics heavy games like Asphalt 8 does not have problem in this smartphone. It has all-glass front panel, dual CNC-drilled speakers at the bottom, chamfered edges and rear camera is at the left hand corner.

It is powered by 3,075mAh non-removable battery and also have a triple-card slot tray for holding two 4G Nano-sim cards and one microSD card. It has an interesting feature which allows user to map a certain fingerprint to a given action, like calling a number or launching an application. Put all of this together and user can create a unique and elaborate scheme of operation shortcuts.

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