Best Features of PUBG Android Game

In the present scenario, kids or even teenagers are only fond of one game and you will not be surprised if we say “PUBG” that is Player Unknown’s Battleground. The game has been designed based on the theme of battle royal style where one player has to play against 99 other players. To stay in the game the players must scavenge for loot and they should always be in the protected zone to avoid all the attacks. The game has earned recognition in the very short span of time. To play this game you need to go to the Google Play Store for installation of the game and then select the mode of the game whether you want to play solo or duo. Also, it allows playing in a group of 4. China is the generator of the game and now North America has also the presence of PUBG

Automatic Upgrade Looting

‘Looting is an integral part of PUBG game and players has to do this to stay in the game. Hence the feature of Automatic Upgrade Looting is given where after experiencing that the player is close enough to the target the item of the loot area then it is assumed that he or she will get it. After that, the level of the game automatically gets changed and the weak helmet of the user gets converted into the strong one

3 Bots

PUBG has got the limelight because of features of bots and lots of controversies come across. The game allows bots to play the game on behalf of the user for the first few levels which were not an idea for sure. Fake winners can never be great achievers. This is the reason the public wants the abolishment of the feature to avoid the discrepancies. While Bots play the game, the user gets a chance to play the same game in offline mode. The idea of bots is added to improve the playing skills of the players so that they could perform in the best way against their opponents.


PUBG is the combination of missions where players have to complete the mission in order to be in the game. Players earn attractive rewards on completion of the mission and the reward system maintains their encouragement towards the game.

Automatic Sprinting

The Game, PUBS allows the players to sprint automatically in any direction and from anywhere. This is not so unique for the users who do not play PUBG but PUBG users know the value of automatic sprints because it saves them from some dangerous situation. The feature provides some relax in the battleground and hence one of the exciting features of PUBG

Log-In Bonuses

Players earn bonus points while playing the game of PUBG but again it has been criticized for the poor reward system. Bonus points get collected at the end of the game and the player will be able to spend the same on crates. These log-in bonuses encourage the users and maintain their interest in the game to proceed towards higher levels.

There are some exciting features of the Game “PUBG”. If you are still unaware of this most known game then go to the Google play store to feel the experience of the game. Stay connected for all other updates

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