Best Features of Pokémon Go game

Pokémon Go is the most popular mobile game and even youngsters like to play the same. By using the experience which we have achieved after playing the same will share some best features about the game. The game has been designed with the great user interface which connects the users directly. The game is very easy to play and simple to download from the play store. Hence if you are willing to know more about the best features of Pokémon Go game then refer to the points which are explained below. These features will help you in hitting the levels with a rapid rate.

Feature 1: Tips to finish the raid tasks quickly

There are some special research tasks in which the player has to complete a specific number of raids in order to be in the game. Sometimes you run out of time in search raid and hence there is a tip of raid pass. By doing raid pass, the player will be able to jump from the lobby and hit the next level of the game. We know, you have wasted the raid pass and also your money if you are a premium member but time is having more worth than all these kinds of stuff hence it is better to raid pass and maintain yourself in the game

Feature 2: Trading which will help to boost lucky odds

Under this feature, the player will be able to boost their lucky odds and we will explain the ways to do the same. While trading the Pokémon Go with your friends the player will be able to earn Lucky Pokémon Go which will have sparkle appearance over the screen and these luck odds will cost only half the stardust to boost the power. The more lucky Pokémon Go you have in your game, more chance for your sustenance in the game.

Feature 3: Friendship: Helps to increase your level fast

By applying the feature of friendship in Pokémon Go the player earns the loyalty to increase his level in the game rapidly. This is a new feature in the same and once in a day, the player will be able to increase their levels.

The Player should always try to raid gym every day by being in the association of your friends. These need to be done every day as you must be aware that 30 days are needed to attain the level of Ultra Friend and to get the status of the best friend, 90 days are needed. Less you miss, faster you will grow in the game. Do not miss any single day and you will get the levels soon

Those friends who are staying away from you and meeting them on a daily basis is not possible then keeps on sending the gifts to them

These are some exciting features of Pokémon Go game. Once you start playing, you love to play again and again. To install and play the game, download from play store and enjoy it. We keep on sharing the valuable facts hence keep in touch.

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