Best Weather Apps

Knowing the weather conditions in advance is helpful for you in all the ways. Suppose you are planning to visit any hilly area and routes are stuck due to the rain or snowfall. Your times will get wasted hence by the use of weather applications you could have an advance intimation about the condition of weather. Nowadays technology became so much superior where they judge or forecast weather for the whole week. So take the advantages of these technical achievements and make your life smooth and easy. In this series, we are having a list of few applications which are known as best weather applications. You simply need to install the app in your smartphone and get started by filling the location to know about the weather condition.

Weather Timeline

One of the well known and preferred weather applications is Weather Timeline. The concept is designed in a much attractive and user-friendly way so that users could use the app easily. The app has provision to know about the current condition of the location along with an extended forecast. To use the app, choose the location where you are planning to go and about which you want to know. Once you select the location then automatically the climate condition will get appeared on the screen along with a weekly forecast. It will help you or your loved ones to plan the journey accordingly. 


As the name suggests, AccuWeather is used to the accurate weather condition. The app is consists of versatile features which are very easy to operate and use. It has the provision of live radar and forecasting of extended weather. The app is unique because of the ‘Minute Cast’ feature through you can check out the condition of precipitation in the minute by minute time frame. The app has gained the user’s attraction because of the exact prediction. Hence if you are willing to know the weather condition in advance and accurate then this app can be beneficial for you.

Dark Sky

Initially, the application Dark Sky was launched for iOS users, which has the feature to predict the weather condition. Now the application is also available for Android users. Hence all the iPhone and Android users are able to use the application to know the climate condition simply by choosing the location. This app will inform you about the start and stop timing of the rain and the app is well known for “hyper-local” forecasts and it has reduced the human’s trouble a lot. The application is paid and the users who are willing to use the app can take the subscription of $2.99 per year.

Google Weather App

Google is a multi-talented platform which has all the features which make our life easier. Weather forecasting is one of the features and it is available at Google App which is versatile and along with the easy interface, you can be able to predict the climate condition of any location. The formulation in the application is done in a much-précised way and hence the app always predicts the exact weather condition. You can also pin the location so that it will not require to fill the same location again and again to know the climate condition

So, guys, these are some preferred weather applications which can be used to know the exact climate condition. Always plan your journey after concerning with the applications. Stay tuned for other updates as well. Keep Browsing!!!

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