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Music is like a heartbeat which is much needed in our daily life. We all are aware that life is full of competitions and stresses. Music enables the inner tones of human’s heart and provides some relaxation from the stresses life. We always recommend people to stay happy and healthy. Never chase anything blindly, just do your work and leave rest of the things. In this series of making you entertained, we are here to share some best music apps which will entertain you forever. These apps will work either on IOS or Android operating systems. So let’s get started with some famous apps and if you are still unaware of the apps then you can install the best one based on your comfort zone.

 Apple Music

When we discuss some best music apps, then the very first name which clicks the mind is Apple Music. All iPhone users preferred this app to listen songs etc. It is owned by apple only and can be installed from the I-tune store. By using this application, the user will have access to play any songs from Apple’s Library. The concept has been made on streaming and there approximately 50 million songs are available to play via Apple Music app. The app is based on the subscription and the packages differ from user to user. A student can use the app in $5 and other individuals in $10. The only thing which is unique in this app is its paid feature.

YouTube Music

YouTube is a widely used music app and approximately all the users prefer this application to listen music. This platform is a huge repository of the songs and one can listen to either audio or video songs from YouTube Music App. This application contains ads which will get displayed in between the music and if you are looking to get ad-free music, then there is a subscription of $10 per month which can be availed. The is available on the play store and one simply install the app to listen the all kind of music from the huge repository.


The application which has earned approximately 80 million subscribers who are able to access 40 million tracks. This is most promising which entertains the people without making much battery consumption. Along with Spotify, you are free to use all other apps and in background music will be running. The app is free as well as paid. One can listen to songs in offline mode to avoid the ads there is a subscription of $10 per month. If there are multiple accounts then there is a concession in the subscription price.


Shazam is another best music app which has a huge collection of songs. User can play songs based on music-detection skills. This is not a standalone application because it works only after getting paired with any other streaming app. The application also reflects the lyrics of the songs which you have chosen to play.

Amazon Music

I guess, almost everyone is aware of the Amazon Music app because it is the best music app globally. It has a repository of songs which are hosted on Cloud Player Library. It has all kind of music songs. The app is based on a subscription model and in $10 per month; the user gets the full access of 50 million songs. Based on the comfort zone user can take the available subscriptions. The app can be installed from Google Play Store. These are the applications which are known as the best music apps. You can install based on your preference. Keep in touch to know more amazing facts. Good Luck!!!

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