Best word puzzle games

In the current time, games are gaining attractions from the users and puzzle games are one of the favorite games for all ages. Here we will discuss some best word puzzle games which not only entertain you but also increases the level of understanding and activeness. Puzzles solving skills enable your mind to be active and positive in all circumstances of life. So let’s get started about some best word puzzle games

Best Carrom Games

One of the best indoor games of childhood which no one can forget is Carrom. Even today people enjoy playing the game because in a certain way it brings unity in the people and a maximum of 4 players can play the game. The excitement of the game revolves around the queen and all the participants only look for the same. Nowadays as the scenario is moving towards the concept of digitization and in the series, the carrom game is also available to play in the digital mode. Here we will discuss some best carrom games which keep your enthusiasm high. The physical playing of the game is a completely different feeling and here we will recommend those apps which have the ability to bring that physical environment back up-to-the some extent. So now let’s get started with some best carrom games.

Best Archery Games

Archery is one of the methods used for hunting in ancient times when things were not that advanced like today. By relating the same concept, the digital world has now created lots of games in which people do virtual hunting. Here we will discuss some best archery games which can be played on mobile phones by downloading from the play store.

How Android app access browser history

Lots of users get surprised when they have noticed their browsing history in any of the applications. Not all apps access the history of browser but only a few apps that are designed to help the disable persons have the provision for the same. Also, these apps take permission while installing the app and always mentioned a declaration about the same on Google Play Store where it has clearly written to keep the phone away from the reach of children. Hence if you are having any application in your phone which accesses the history of complete browsing activity then you can uninstall them. Now let’s move on to the technical aspect of the same.

How Bluetooth of the device can be tracked

Bluetooth is one of the ancient features which allow the connectivity of two phone devices. Before the commencement of today’s sharing applications, Bluetooth was the most favorable way to share data between the devices. In the present time, there are lots of head-sets are available in the market which allows the people to talk while driving, etc. Here we will discuss the connectivity of Bluetooth on technical aspects so that one could easily understand the same and clearly check out the status of Bluetooth as ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’.

How mobile apps display notifications when the internet is disabled

It has been realized so many times that users receive notification even if they have disabled the service of the internet. Have you ever thought about the same? If yes then here we will share some of the reasons for such notifications which occur even when the internet is disabled. It will help in knowing about the technical reason behind such happening.

How disk space is used on Android devices

The hierarchy of space consumption in Android-based phones is tricky and sometimes people get confused with the space used for different media. The criteria and process of the file system are not very much organized from where people could get some idea and this leads to the confusion about the exact consumption of disk space in an android phone. Now here we will try to understand the procedure of usage of disk space on Android phones because sometimes it may happen because of the non-rooting feature of the devices.

Memory storage in mobile phones

While utilizing the phones frequently, lots of raw data get collected and memory of the phone gets compromised. Hence one should always have an idea about the memory storage in the respective phones so that space utilization could be maintained otherwise it will lead to the slow processing of the device.

Gesture navigation in Android phones

Gesture navigation is a new system of navigation in Android Q which has the provision of multiple navigations like back navigation, navigation to home-screen. Also, the gesture navigation supports the triggering of devise assistant and applying the concept of gesture navigation provides more of the screens to the app.

Wifi/Mobile data usage in Phones

The communication through the network is now an ever-present part of the era where things are only revolving around internet usage. The communication is almost pervading everything from personal to professional life. Frequently the use of the internet is being performed on the mobile devices and you must aware of the consumption of data based on the plan you are using.