Latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Cases

10 Jun 2018
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Latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Cases

Top Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Cases
Xiaomi has continued to revolutionize the smartphone market with a regular release of better and advanced smartphones including the increasingly popularXiaomi Redmi Note 5.
But as has been the case with almost all premium smartphones, consumershave to further spend on useful extras such as VR headsets, speakers, gamepads, and cases in order to get the best out of their newly acquired gadget.
Speaking of cases, assuming you already have yourXiaomi Redmi Note 5 (or planning to buy one), which are the top-rated Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 cases? Here is an updated roundup:

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5  Official Redmi Pro Back Cover

Made by the Chinese giant themselves, the official Xiaomi redmi pro back cover flaunts accurate cutouts so your buttons, ports, microphones, and speakers are very accessible.
The flexible plastic shell is Impact resistant and very cool to the prying eyes in addition to fitting snug onto your gadget.
Further, the case comes in black or blue and the finishing has a wonderful grip.
Lastly, if you hate carrying company logo’s all over the place, you’ll be happy with this as it has no markings or logos on the surface.

2. Hupshy Back Cover (Black, Rubber)for Redmi Note 5

Another massively popular cover, this impact, and shock resisting back cover is made from sleekeco-friendly materials so if you are passionate about nature, this could appeal to you.
The inside web pattern, precise holes, and the accurate cut-outs for sensors all point to a well-thought-out case.
Importantly, theraised lips jealously protectboth the screen and the camera bump ensuring that your device can survive a serious drop.
We also feel that this is one of the easiest to install thanks to its malleability and tensileconstruction.

3. Techowik Carbon Fiber Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Protective Pro Case

Made of highly durable TPU rubber material, this is one of the fast-rising protective cases for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.
Not only is it a long-lasting accessory, it has the looks to turn heads wherever you go thanks to its carbon fiber textures.
As you would expect with an elite case, it comes with precise cutouts with pliable buttons which guarantee easy access all around.
The other notable feature is the built-in spider-web texture which is great in helpingheat dissipation- an important process when using your phone.

4. Tecozo Designer Printed Xiaomi Redmi Note 5Back Cover/Hard Case

If you are looking for a well-rounded Protection, then this designer back cover is up to the task.
This time coming froma higher-grade polycarbonate plastic material, this has all the essentials necessary to shield your device from scratches and breakage while for the screen, the raised case offers sufficient protection.
The case is smooth, precisely moulded, with zero sharp edges and definitely durable.

5. Bracevor Shockproof Hybrid Kickstand Casefor Xiaomi Redmi  Note 5 

Rugged and stubborn, this case has almost everything you can ask for in a dream phone cover.
Inch-perfect cutouts, raised screen protecting edges, and colorful design, this has it all.
The outer shell comprise of the resilient polycarbonate while the inner side is made up of shock absorbing silicone giving your mobile super solid protection.
Furthermore, the anti-slip surface is enhanced to give it a better grip on the sides for improved handling.
As a bonus, the case comes with an inbuilt back stand for hands-freeviewing movies or video chatting.

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