Latest Oppo F7 Cases

08 Jun 2018
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Latest Oppo F7 Cases

The Oppo F7 has an incredible 25MP selfie camera and tries to match its peers, successfully, in several other areas.
A notched screen, fingerprint reader, a 6.23-inch IPS LCD display…..everything looks pretty much awesome.
That’s until you come to the body…. its plastic. It’s not the first plastic phone, yes, and it’s still an amazing phone but it means your Oppo F7 will need a top case- at least if you are to maximize on its other features.
So, which are the trending Oppo F7 cases?

Lrker Full Protection Case

One of the more Comprehensive cases, the Lrker Oppo F7 case protects your device inside-out…its fall proof , shockproof, and slide proof . The hardy PC armor shell and the softer TPU interior deliver a 360-degree guard on the screen, back, and the sides.
The specially designed 4 corners reduce impact in the event of a drop in addition to ensuring that its surface is safeguarded against scratches. Then it has a lazy self-stand, so it’s easy to enjoy videos, movies, or read with the hands-free


This is a gorgeous red case and ideal if you’re looking at a functional case which also retains natural elegance.
It’s made from premium quality leather so it’s a sure bet to last while its soft TPU interior works hard to safeguard your Oppo F7 phone from bumps and scratches.
It has interesting accessories including twin card slots and one money pocket so you can carry your cards and cash conveniently. 
Better still, you can hide the cardholder in the back.

Zhusha OPPO F7 case

Famous for its 360-degree aluminum ring kickstand and a handy magnetic bracket, Zhusha is yet another special Oppo F7 case.
The ring enables you to hold and carry your phone around easily and securely while the bracket makes it easy to mount it on your car’s magnetic holder. And it’s still very secure with the twin protection layers and reinforced case corners fortifying your phone against drops and scratches. Its striped thermal design is an added advantage as it allows faster heat loss on a warmer summer afternoon reducing the risk of your phone overheating.

SsHhUu Shock Proof case

This premium case has precisely cut openings so it’s pretty easy to access your entire phone’s function.
The popular air cushion technology coupled with the double-layered construction delivers a well-rounded shield against bumps, shocks, drops, and debris. Furthermore, cleaning the case is a breeze- you just separate the two parts for cleaning. Also notable is the durable silicone skin wrapping on the inside.

kwmobile Transparent Casing

Out of the box, Oppo F7 is considered one of the most polished mid-range phones around so you may want to preserve its original finesse. If that’s the case, you need a quality transparent case such as the kwmobile transparent Oppo F7 case.
The crystal clear cover is made of highly resistant material and is tearproof, anti-slip, and dirt-repelling.
The manufacturer emphasizes that this is the slimmest case amongst all Oppo F7 covers.

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