Latest One Plus 6 Cases

08 Jun 2018
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Latest One Plus 6 Cases

Finally the new One plus 6 phone is here and as expected, various manufacturers have been quick to launch its accompanying accessories into the market.
One of the accessories which has seen regular releases and continued tweaking  is the One plus 6 case.
Indeed, the market is now teeming with myriad choices for consumers.
But  which are the top-most One plus 6 phone cases? Here are our findings:

Poetic Guardian OnePlus 6 Case

A clear polycarbonate back, front polycarbonate case, and a rugged TPU lining team up to give your OnePlus 6 a 360-degree protection from all angles.
The case is a good shock absorber with the aforementioned TPU lining providing bumpers which helps soak up pressure from falls especially at corners.
Also impressing is the scratch-resistant coating on the clear back panel as it enables one to see through the device clearly from the see.
As a bonus, it includes a nice tempered glass screen guard/protector.

Carbon Fiber Luxury OnePlus 6 Bumper CoverCase

This case spots an elevated surface design which helps guards your oneplus smartphone screen from scratches and dirt.
Moreover, the four tripod (at the bottom) of the case are designedsuch thatyou can separate them from the desktop so long as the case is flat, further ensuring that your phone won’t be easily reached.
Also, the molded design is smooth, the ports, and openings precise, while the used  TPU rubber material should make it long-lasting.
As well as being easy to access from all sides, the case can be scrubbed easily with regular soap and cloth to help it retain its original shine.

TUDIA Full-Matte Lightweight OnePlus 6 Case

Another well-rounded protector for your oneplus phone, this is still made from the long-lastingTPU material and has made a name for being one of the most affordable and functional phone cases.
The flexi skin offers a strong grip while remaining soft and comfortable on touch. On design, the openings for the buttons and other connectors are accurately cut-out and straightforward to access.
Then, to spice things up, it comes in a variety of exciting colors.

TPU SiliconeTransparent Ultra-Thin Protective OnePlus 6 Case

The biggest news here is first and foremost the precise cutouts which offer unfettered access to switches,buttons, and cameras.
Then, the entire case body is transparent so you will still viewthe sleek original colors of your OnePlus 6.
The other winner is the 3-in-1 multifunctional material which absorbs shock, resists scratches, and offers an outstanding grip.
Let me add that the case is absolutely light!

Asmart Resilient Oneplus 6 Protective Phone Case

Not to be outsmarted, theAsmart Resilient Oneplus 6 Case comes with a wide array of loveable features chief among them its convenientcompatibility with screen protectors plus accessories from other companies which means you don’t have to throw away any of your current accessories to use it.
The cover also offers crisp tactile feedback, accurate cutouts, and ahandy raised fingerprint sensor on top of a well-constructed front lip protection.Lastly, it has a business-like brushed texture looks while the carbon fiber and  the gloss detailing delivering a cozy secure grip Best of all, it’s not bulky.

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