Latest Nokia 8 Sirocco cases

24 Jun 2018
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Latest Nokia 8 Sirocco cases

One of Nokia’s flagship phones, Nokia 8 Sirocco comes tops on looks and eminent software.
However,  unlike its peers in its price range, some of its hardware is a bit wanting.
For example, 95 percent of its body is covered by the Gorilla Glass meaning it still carries shattering risk-despite claims to the contrary.
And so, buying a good case could be an important step if you still hold the dream of your Nokia outlasting your previous smartphone.
Now, we have sampled what the market has to offer and unearthed a few impressive Nokia 8 Sirocco Cases…

KWMobile Indian Sun Case

It may be unfair to deny your Nokia 8 Sirocco phone a chance to shine its beauty wherever it goes.
Since its transparent, the Kwmobile indian case is a great option if you want to preserve  the absorbing elegance of your mobile phone.
And while at it, the cover does a respectable protective job with the  TPU material going out of its way to absorb shocks and to maintain your device in a sparkling condition by shielding it from the usual scratches and abrasion.
It’s generally a well-rounded protection with the screen being fortified thanks to the raised edges.

KuGi Soft Anti Slip case

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is definitely a super-reliable phone if you take good care of it..
The Kugi soft anti-slip case gives you a golden opportunity to do this through its collection of awesome abilities each which adds something to your phone. It has been made from an enhanced TPU material  which helps to prolong the life of the case in addition to its top-notch construction helping the device to remain protected all through.  Furthermore, this Kugi anti-slip case is soft, comfortable to hold, and just the right thickness for a non-bulky feeling.

Mustaner Carbon Fiber case

This case is a full-blooded impenetrable beast and features a hybrid construction comprising of resilient polycarbonate material and shatterproof premium TPU. Its straightforward design will appeal to consumers who prefer simplicity and functionality over everything else. It also all the expected cutouts for cameras, speaker, USB and so on. On top, It’s a colorful case and comes mint green, navy blue, black, gray, and red. Overall, it offers executive protection from falls, bumps, daily uses,  and scratches.

TUDIA Slim-Fit case

The Tudia slim-fit case offers extreme heavy-duty protection and should give you the peace of mind even when working in challenging environments. The mix of improved TPU skin and high-quality polycarbonate outer layer offers a slim, lightweight, and form-fitted shield for your phone while its raised edges protect the screen from scuffs. Its design allows super easy installation while making this case compatible with various screen protectors. Don’t forget you have several colors to choose from.

AVIDET Nokia 8 Sirocco Transparent Case

What about guarding your phone while also protecting the environment?
The avidet case is made of TPU and environmentally friendly eco-silicon and delivers the ultimate protection against dust, scratches, dirt, and common damage. As usual with cases of phones at this level, the soft TPU material keeps everything simple and slim.
On top, it’s a crystal clear case so the impeccable original style of your Nokia 8 Sirocco phone remains vivid.

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