Latest Android Sports Games

17 Jun 2018
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Latest Android Sports Games

From football, baseball,basketball, soccer,and golf, sports games on Android continue to exceed expectations every new day giving passionate sports fan more choices in gaming.
Some are team sports and give you a chance to build a competitive team while others are high-level simulations of real-time stadium play. Recently, the trend is towards more sophisticated challenges and players pushing their skills to the limit.
Now, we set out to discover the most thrilling Android sports games to join the fray recently and here is what we found:

1. Football Manager Touch-2018

Like its real-life colleague, this is undoubtedlyone of the biggest sports game on Google Play Store.
The latest version is more challengingand a complete management match-up with unlimited variables.

2. Punch Club

This is a sizzling sporting management simulation in which the player manages a promising boxer in training for some upcoming boxing matches while looking for helpful clues about who killed their dad.
It’s popularity saw a Nintendo Switch version being launched on 24th May 2018.

3. True Skate

An interesting skateboarding game, it requires that you stand the fingers on the provided virtual board.
It simulates real skateboarding and will get you lost in ledges,grind rails, stairs, half pipe, quarter pipes and more.
You can also video-record and share your adventures.

4. Virtua Tennis Challenge

Sega has been the absolute king in the mobile tennis arena for years with its Virtua Tennis Challenge. For most users, this is similar to an innovative peerless engine which skillfully approximates and brings together the various sports’components whilst ensuring itremains accessible.
Thelatest version is Dreamcast classic -Virtua Tennis Challenge.

5. Bottom of the 9th

The game is in a tie and the home team needs to score just one run to run away with everything. Unfortunately, the team is facing an opponent who isn’t known to give up.
So it turns out to be a dice-card game for two lucky players who carry the hopes of everyone else.
Who will blink first?

6. NBA 2K18

For fans of basketball, the NBA 2K18 game is a fantastic game.
There are a couple more game controls, a fantastic mix of thrilling tunes collected from around the globe, an expanded career mode, and a stunning multi-season.
The multi-season is especially powerful because it gives you a chance of controlling the future of a franchise and establish your own NBA dynasty.

7.  Flick Soccer 17

Here you get a chance to showcase your dazzling skills playing the beautiful game.
The game is packed full of realistic ball physics, incredible graphics, in addition to letting you control your destiny.
The five game modes are addicting:
Nail-biting free kicks, insane soccer skills, arcade-style target practice…you get it all.

8. OK Golf

OK, I know it’s not real golf but there is still plenty of fun for every age and handicap!
OK Golf is a game of golf, masterfully fine-tuned to a tee.
You get to play a quick fire round of golf anywhere and anytime motivated byfamous golfing destinations.
The game is easy to play, addicting,and full of fun for rising golfing talent!

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