iPhone 7 could be waterproof and can feature touch sensitive home button

04 May 2016

iPhone 7 could be waterproof and can feature touch sensitive home button

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in few months, and rumors continue to suggest that the next-generation smartphones will be both fully waterproof and dustproof.
iPhone 7 is reportedly being tested with touch-sensitive home button, according to one Taiwanese website.
Apple was granted a patent last month for a pressure-sensitive Liquidmetal home button that deforms slightly when pressed, but returns to its normal shape when the user removes their finger.
In addition, iPhone 7 and/or iPhone 7 Plus models are also rumored to have a Smart Connector, dual-lens cameras, repositioned antenna bands, stereo speakers, wireless charging and a larger battery.
Interestingly, Apple's 2016 Q2 results are out showing a revenue slowdown for the company. Reason behind the revenue decrease are the lower iPhone, iPad and Mac sales with iPhone sales declined by 16% compared to Q2 last year.

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