Increasing Popularity of Whatsapp and Facebook

18 Jun 2018
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Increasing Popularity of Whatsapp and Facebook

The numbers are staggering:
WhatsApp has about 1.5 billion daily users while Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion passionate ‘chatters’
And On telegram, over 12 billion messages are sent daily.
WeChat (in China), Line, Viber, and Skype have millions glued and typing away furiously.
But what exactly are people up to?

For the laugh of it
Whatsapp is primarily a leisure tool among colleagues, families where people don’t mind spending some time off work on whatsapp, chatting up each other and enjoying.
For some, WhatsApp is the perfect antidote from the taxing spreadsheets and bank reconciliations:

Weekend Photos
A while back, it was reported that combined, Messenger and WhatsApp were sending about 60 billion messages daily.
And a significant percentage of these are family photos…selfies from last weekend, birthday photos, other snaps of events.
Indeed, last year, WhatsApp reported that users share a mammoth 4.5 billion photos daily.
It was said on one blog:
"Whether it's sharing personal photos and videos, video calling, or just keeping friends updated about your Status, WhatsApp makes everything easy and personal"
It seems people are agreeing with this.

Videos, GIFs and others
Slack is regarded as simple but it’s no doubt a very efficient communication tool in the workplace.
In addition, its filthy rich in GIFs and people keep firing off popular GIFs to start a conversation.
WhatsApp is also faring very well in video sharing.
According to Zuckerberg, a whopping 1 billion videos are shared daily on WhatsApp.
Well, we are in 2018 and GIFs, Videos, and even Emojis are at the center of every hearty conversation..

Inspirational Memes
For me, I love the inspirational memes.
They make the lion in me to wake and motivate me to work towards being the next big thing.
And they are in plenty in most of my chat groups.
One of my older friends always wakes me with a nice quote and I always look forward to his inboxes.
So, yes. Messaging apps are the new idea as far as motivation is concerned.

Celebrity news
With “super groups”, Telegram has become the go-to hub for anything including celebrity rumors and news.
When a telegram channel posts juicy content about a celebrity, people send it to supergroups where thousands of users converge to discuss and dissect topics that interest them.
Members can also forward to friends, family, and business groups with some clips eventually going viral.

It’s everyone’s guess
Sure. Messaging Apps have a plethora of wonderful uses but again, users are tweaking communication to accommodate human nature.
By our own estimates, a majority of users are into these for the fun of it -not for work, family, health, education, or such serious stuff.
Indeed, the ratio of meaningful message compared to the ‘others’ remains everyone’s guess.
But one thing is clear: The World is busy chatting.

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