Important Features of Google Assistant

24 Sep 2016

Important Features of Google Assistant

Google Assistant was launched few months ago at I/O 2016 as Google's new and smarter voice assistant. Now, Google Allo has finally been introduced and it explains what Google Assistant can do. It can be downloaded from play store for Android mobile devices.

Google Assistant can answer basic questions like "How is the weather today?" and "Status of Stock Exchange". These features are available in it for long years, but Google Assistant has added new features with subscriptions. To get weather forecast every morning from Google Assistant, user can subscribe to weather updates and it will be sent to user automatically. When user ask Google, "How’s the weather like today?” user will get a Google Now card with that information. Following it with Send me daily, and Google Assistant will confirm to choose a time to get this information. Once user respond with preferred time, Google Assistant will send the weather forecast daily at selected time.
Some users subscribe for weather updates at 7am and sports news at 8pm, and there are many more options available. User can manage their subscriptions by asking Google Assistant "Show active subscriptions".

Google Assistant has smart reply feature to predict your next answer.  if user is talking to Google Assistant or to a friend, it will suggest smart responses based on what user thinks or what he will say next. Also, user can talk to Google Assistant without internet connection to say things. If user is offline, send a message to Google Assistant and it will process the answer in the background. When user will be back online notification will be displayed when the answer is ready for user.

Google Assistant can recognize various types of images, similar to Google Photos. Like Google Photos, Assistant uses algorithms to detect objects in the picture and provide quite accurate information about the pictures.

Google Assistant can perform other basic actions like displaying games when user types "I want to play game". User can select from various types of games like chat games, quiz games, doodle games and classic games.

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