Comparison of Mobile Browsers

15 Jun 2018
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Comparison of Mobile Browsers

Your mobile browser can be the difference between a rich experience and a sluggish, boring adventure to the web.
A mobile browser worth its salt should quickly load slow pages, speed up images, be optimized for various web plugins, and also help you to manage your passwords.
Forget about the NetHopper (The first mobile browser by Apple)….users are now spoilt for choice.
Here is a summary of the leading mobile browsers:

Firefox For Mobile

Firefox is a popular desktop browser and has transferred its popularity to the mobile with users praising its stability alongside its advanced syncing features.
It has recently undergone a  major update, christened   Quantum, and is now not only faster but also comes with one of the easiest  UI.
For us, the winner is the large collection of add-ons that are compatible with Firefox…you can also do anything from blocking phishing sites all the way to controlling which cookies can store data in your browser.

Google Chrome

You cannot expect Google to be very far whenever there’s a talk on browsers and he duly presents a brilliant case for one of the best mobile web browser.
First, Chrome is rated as one of the most secure browsers with hundreds of built-in security enhancements blocking Ads, malicious websites, malware, and more.
It’s also considered one of the fastest thanks to its basic but powerful design. You will also notice top speeds even when streaming videos from Netflix and Youtube.
Further, as a result of being deeply entrenched in Android, Google chrome gives you lots of customization options including an ability to change the theme and colors.

Microsoft Edge

Yep. That’s right. If you are on Windows, you may not get a browser better than this.
Indeed, it has all the features that you would dream off from a modern browser including sync feature (to connect with your desktop), a superb UI, bookmarks, advanced security (includes private browsing), and reasonable loading speeds (Chrome is faster).
Other favorite features are the voice search and QR reader.
When we come to installation, it takes just a few moments and needs very little set-up before use. 


Opera (and its sister Opera Mini for iOS) also enjoy a wide following on the mobile mainly due to the extremely fast page loading speeds and super-easy UI.
They also offer the essentials like Ad blockers, private browsing option, and a unique save data mode which amplifies pages to download quickly on slower networks.
Also outstanding is the page zoom option which magnifies small content for easier reading.
As a matter of fact, the Opera Mini offers a video boost for lightning-fast streaming of videos

Dolphin Browser

The Dolphin browser has managed to maintain its top position despite the increasing competition all around it.
You will find myriad powerful features such as the voice search assistant Dolphin Sonar, gesture browsing  which enables you to bookmark website with finger gestures, and webzine which aggregates and presents online information it in a magazine format.
As if that’s not enough, it supports multiple add-ons, password syncing, incognito browsing, and has a dynamic built-in ad-blocker.

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