Biometric authentication in smartphones

01 Oct 2017
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Biometric authentication in smartphones

Biometric authentication in smartphones is important because of the ease that a traditional password is to guessed or broken.
Traditional passwords are at risk of being lost or stolen and are generally only required at the start of a session.
Biometric authentication allows the mobile device to authenticate the user often and furthermore in ways that are unique and distinguishable from one user to other.
Common biometric authentication in mobile phones includes fingerprint, palm, eye, facial, and voice recognition authentication.
Accelerometers in smart phones passes the signal from human interaction like touch screen or gesture to internal circuits of mobile devices.Accelerometer is a device that is able to measure acceleration in mobile devices and it can measure both static forces along with dynamic forces. Gyroscope is a device that uses the earth gravity to determine the orientation of the device.
The main difference between the accelerometer and the gyroscope is the method that they are able to determine orientation.
The accelerometer is able to determine the devices orientation based on its movement with the earth.
These technologies are used in combination to enforce biometric authentication in mobile devices.

Biometric authentication is increasingly becoming more popular as technology continues to improve and integrate with everyday life.
The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices distributed amongst the population has allowed for the possibility of integrating data from the motion based sensors attached to these devices for authentication.
Gesture-based User Authentication is more feasible alternative to PINs or passwords.

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