Best VR headsets Available Online

09 Jun 2018
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Best VR headsets Available Online

After a long wait, virtual reality is now gaining popularity.Whatever you do, you can now enjoy a real-like immersive experience taking a virtual tour to some far-off place and sampling the goodness on offer. Surely, at this rate, you may even be able to recline in your sofa, wear a headset and take a tour around the beach. The secret is ,of course, to ensure that you put on your best VR headsets.
Here is a highlight of the top VR headsets available online:

Oculus Rift

A premium VR set, oculus rift is one of the best in the market. The headset is full of sensors with each eye accessing a high-resolution display from the immersive OLED panels . The set also has headphones integrated not forgetting the camera is powerful enough to detect the slightest movements. It works with Xbox controllers and can even stream games.
In the end, you have a sleek VR system; one able to create amazing scenery in gaming, videos, and related visuals.

HTC Vive

Another VR set delivering a top-notch and most immersive VR experience is HTC vive.
 HTC's Vive is one comprehensive bundle that comes with  a headset, motion controllers(2), and two base operating stations for setting a "whole-room" VR space. Technically, it’s up there with the best and can even track your motion in a 10 foot cube rather than from just your seat while the 2160 x 1200 OLED display produces a brilliant picture. It’s bundled with a set of amazing motion controllers. Now, the HTV vive set works with PCs though it requires a powerful  graphics processing card.

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PS VR isn’t a complete VR set as per se. It’s ,instead an accessory to work with for owners of PS4, PS4 pro, and PS4 slip. It’s ,therefore one of the most affordable sets though notably its screen resolution is slightly lower than what you get from HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. To create an unforgettable VR experience, the set will track the movements of your head while also relying on your  PS4 controller for some of the other functions. For full functionality, get a PlayStation camera plus a working PlayStation move controller set for motion controls. You will also need to buy a PlayStation camera to work the headset.

Google Daydream View

This is another robust set and works very well  with the increasingly popular Google Pixel plus a few other Android smartphones.
That it works with a wide range of fantastic app is a boon for users looking for an all-round mobile VR show.
While It can’t access some virtual reality experiences on the dominant Oculus Store, it fully compensates by offering you some exclusives including YouTube VR. Users can also access more games using the Daydream app.

Samsung Gear VR Set

Samsung created this VR set as a way of bringing the VR experience to the owners of compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
It’s super-easy to use and comes with a nice Bluetooth controller added with both motion sensing and a touchpad.
The design is awesome and has a superior display delivering a top immersive experience.
 Samsung worked with Oculus to construct this Gear's software ecosystem enabling it to support  a significant number of games and apps, in addition to offering different angles for a 360-degree video.

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