Best iPhone X Cases

11 Jun 2018
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Best iPhone X Cases

Looking at its features, your iPhone will most certainly give you’re a royal treatment. Maybe that’s why you chose it in the first place.
But in as much as it’s one of the very best, it’s no different from other lavish phones and so if it slips and falls, you may surely lose your precious device. You cannot run away from Investing in a similarly high-end iPhone X case.
Here are some remarkable options….

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

If you are one of the biggest video fans, then you need a case that comes ready for a top video performance- and the spigen ultra hybrid iPhone ticks all the boxes.
With a metallic kickstand, this doesn’t give up on you after a few episodes.
And is it slim? Sure. It’s one of the slimmest out there.
Protection? It goes beyond military grade- your iPhone is secure as a garrison.
The air cushion technology and drop protection should give you all the peace of mind.

TORRAS iPhone X Case

I don’t know about you but for me, I like it easy and simple. If I want to access my iPhone X camera, it should be super easy.
And the volume buttons? There, you go again, straightforward business.
Have you worked with those rough cases that make you feel as if you are holding a rock? They are terrible, I tell you.
And ooh, I prefer feather-light cases
If you’re like me, then you will be happy to meet the Torras iPhone X case.
Two-layer protective liquid silicone gel and rubber construction, stylish, soft-touch non-bulky finish, and snug fit are just some of the hallmarks. Simply one of the best.

ESR Slim iPhone X Case

If you are after something light and very slim, then here comes your buddy.
It’s only 1mm thin and won't add mass to your phone.
Then, it’s crystal clear so your iPhone’s famous original looks are still visible from far.
It’s also made of soft TPU which is rated higher than even most of the other materials as far as the glass protection is concerned.
As a bonus, the camera is raised as well as the screen edges so you’ll never worry about your back glass or the stainless steel bands being scratched.

TOZO iPhone X Case

With Tozo, you will kill several birds with one stone:
First, it has a very comfortable grip- so, slipping is out of the question.
Second, the elegance of an iPhone X is a sight to behold and the case adopts the same pattern and color so your iPhone continues to shine its beauty wherever you go.
The camera bump is 0.2mm so scratches have no way through. Lastly, it’s specially designed with precise cutouts for charging ports, speakers, and buttons. What a marvel!

OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES iPhone X case

This is one of the most friendly with the case designed in such a way that it’s very easy to slide in your gadget (or get it out for wiping).
The 2-piece case provides superb protection against dreadful drops and falls, bumps and even shock. Plus, it seals off all entries for dust and debris. It’s also very slim though, for us, the greatest attraction is its pricing.. very easy on your pocket.

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