Best Android Games of 2018

12 Jun 2018
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Best Android Games of 2018

Whatever your skillset, Android, has continued to serve a rich entertainment menu for gamers.
There’s now more card, adventure, action, sports, strategy, and even role-playing games.
And with gaming becoming a favorite pastime for an increasing number of users, the future looks promising for gaming enthusiasts.
Here is a roundup of the hottest Android games in 2018.

Sword & Sworcery

Full of adventure, Sworcery is a game of puzzles locked to one screen.
You will be discovering and exploring uncharted territories in the mid of a refreshing retro-infused artwork and an equally lavish soundtrack. Most adventures seem to be obsessed with inventories but in Sworcery solutions are oftentimes abstract and involve manipulating the environment or the time.
You can free thrilling woodland spirits with your musical prowess or even discover a solution by merely playing at specified points during a lunar calendar. The game is a complete package encouraging you to absorb everything and to move at your preferred pace.


Because anyone can play it, Minecraft is rated as one of the best all-time game.
The mobile version matches the dizzy heights of its PC and console siblings and delivers unending fun.
You will be mining stuff, building things, beating up some naughty guys, and doing everything else you fancy.
In survival mode, you have to mine your own resource as well as food while if you shift to the creative mode, you are set free to do pretty much everything.
And if you want more, you can switch and play on the multiplayer servers with guys on the platform.


Full of flattery, the Oceanhorn adopts the brilliant Legend of Zelda gaming series to claim a share of the spotlight.
It relies on terrific visuals, a captivating soundtrack, and a solid narrative to bring out its inspirational best.
The protagonist's father opens by writing a final letter to the sleeping son before leaving to face off with an eldritch beast from the deep- the titular Oceanhorn.
The real drama starts when the son sets off on a treacherous adventure to look for his father across several scattered tropical islands.
And he is planning to slay the menacing Oceanhorn himself!

Greedy cave 2

The mysterious Time Gate is the epicenter with adventurers seeking to harvest treasures from the mythical cave.
You join your friends in the mad rush for the wonderful gears and treasures that has had everybody raving.
But, there is a problem:
Each time you venture into the cave, the guiding map changes so that no two run-throughs can be the same.
Then, inside the cave, you have to choose between fighting the unpredictable creatures and maneuvering around them rummaging for treasure. And you must not get too greedy else you die in the cave- a real possibility.

Death Road to Canada

How about being a zombie apocalypse for a moment?
This is an absolutely freaking game and you often have to choose between running for dear life and fighting your way to the safe haven that is Canada with your lousy squad of hapless characters.
There is no telling what next in the game while you'll need to maneuver and loot supplies along the way, in spite of low team morale and deteriorating health. Death lurks and only the best make it through the scaring mission in this robust and action-packed road trip RPG.

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