Best Android Apps of 2018

13 Jun 2018
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Best Android Apps of 2018

Android users have about 3.8 million apps to choose from!
You can create a meme, know your mood, watch Chris Rock, or do serious stuff like editing a photo, tracking your loan, access a sumptuous recipe and more…all thanks to an App.
Of course, some have been downloaded millions of times while others are, well, just there.
So, which apps are trampling over the competition in 2018?
Here we have these apps and show you what can you achieve with them.

Dolphin (browser)

Dolphine is surely one of the best mobile browsers mostly because it integrates some of the more popular utilities such as Evernote (notes-taking) and LastPass (password manager).
It also has stellar settings which enable users to do interesting things like bookmarking web pages using hand gestures.
That’s not all:
It’s a super-clean browser and further supplements your security using Ad-blocker.
And ooh, it fully supports Flash so you can enjoy full multimedia content including high-resolution videos!

1Weather (weather app)

Is 1weather the crème de la crème of the weather apps on Android? Well, many seem to think so.
Apart from the simple to use interface which shows you the prevailing weather forecast, the app has lots of customizable widgets which lets you set it to show precise details.
The app also comes with the usual weather notifications plus a unique radar which keeps you updated about approaching storms.
And by the way, you can request it to cheer you up with its amassed fun facts.

Tinder (Dating app)

If you are still looking for Cupid, then you should be in love with Tinder.
With more than 10 million love-starved users, dating can’t get any better than this.
The app enables you to hook up with fellow singles within appointed geographic areas and is a fantastic way to meet potential life partners.
Its location-centric features plus ease of use makes it a darling amidst ferocious competition from fellow dating apps such as Match Dating and bumble.

Candy Crush Saga (Game)

A variation of the well-liked Candy Crush, Candy Crush Saga has been a revelation since it first entered the fray.
Players complete by swapping differently colored pieces of replica candy on a provided game board in an effort to match three or more same color candies.
In case you successfully match-up such candies, they’re automatically removed from the board and replaced with fresh ones.
Boards have differing goals and have to be done within a set time limit or number of moves.

Zomato (Restaurant finding app)

Finding the nearest eatery can be a headache especially when you are visiting and that’s where Zomato comes in.
The app shows you all the nearby restaurants on a map or a list. It can also allow you to present the results in various ways as you narrow down your choices.
Furthermore, you get ‘collections’, which essentially highlights restaurants fitting a specific theme like ‘celebrity chefs’ or ‘mouthwatering breakfasts’. In addition, you can view hotel opening times, reviews and ratings, on top of the menus, recommended dishes, and restaurant’ contact details. Lastly, once you interact with your selected hotel, you get a chance to add your personal review, ratings or photos.

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