Advantages of Phone with Latest Android Version

15 Jun 2018
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Advantages of Phone with Latest Android Version

One of the ground-breaking announcements during this year’s Google I/O developer’s conference in May is that consumers should brace for the latest version of Android.
In total, that will be the 9th major update of Android and the 16th version of the operating system.
Of course, Google expects that consumers will love it and update their phones.
But why should you?
From simplicity, reduced bugs, and a better user experience, here is why we think upgrading to the latest Android makes a lot of sense.

Simplified Navigation

If you were lucky to experience Android Donut (v1.6), you have to agree that Android has come from far.
Then, navigating through your phone required much more than just touching a few buttons here and there and for some reason, the engineers then didn’t seem to pay a lot of attention to usability.
But as Android has evolved, so has the user taken prominence.
Next time you upgrade, expect more user-friendly features such as Smart text selection, Simplified volume controls, screen Rotation Button and more.

Bugs-Free Experience

A major motivation for engineers in going back to the labs is the need to fix the usual minor bugs that escape their attention when launching a new version.
Ultimately, the next edition will be minus some of those nagging bugs giving you a more fulfilling smartphone experience.
For instance, Android Oreo version 8.1 fixed major bugs including Bluetooth connectivity glitches, Poor audio quality, and Touchscreen dead spots all reported variously in Google Pixel devices.


Some of the recent updates are intended to protect your phone OS against some emerging vulnerabilities as discovered by users of the older versions.  In this era when everyone is buzzing about cybersecurity, Android security upgrades go a long way toward improving your smartphone-owning adventure.
It started way back In August 2015 when Google introduced their monthly security updates.
And since then, users have to take the route of constantly modernizing their phones as a way of telling the criminals “stay off me”.

Compatibility with the Latest Tech

There’s not a dull moment in the tech arena with developers working round the clock to create new earth-shattering inventions.
Each of these is usually accompanied with new hardware and software requirements meaning to enjoy such services, users need to upgrade.
For example, Google feels a plethora of artificial intelligence(AI) driven apps will be coming out in the near future and have injected a healthy dose of artificial intelligence into their upcoming Android issue.

Better Hardware Performance

Updates deliver a superior hardware performance in devices.
Your camera shots become clearer, the gadget swifter (thanks to Better RAM utilization), and battery performance increases.
The new preinstalled features also boost your apps due to a revamped management of the device resources.


Upgrading your Android phone to the trending version is littered with many benefits.
You enjoy an easier navigation, a more satisfying hardware performance, and access to the latest technologies.
In addition, you are protected from ransomwares not to mention that you’ll have fewer bugs to deal with.
In a nutshell, an outdated phone could be a lost opportunity.

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