Advantages and disadvantages of limiting background processes in Android

09 Aug 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of limiting background processes in Android

Developer options let user gain more control on Android device. It can be enabled by going to Settings> About> Software Information> More. Then tap Build number seven times to enable Developer options. Settings menu will now display Developer options.
Developer options have setting of Limit background process from Standard limit to No background process, one or more. Some users claim to have increased device performance after this setting from standard to other. This process is explained as follows:

Enabling this option forces Android to stop each process as soon as it is empty or not in use. This is when no services are started and no activities are on device screen for that application.
However, this option does not stop applications that generally run in the background. Email client will still run periodically to check mail, if configured for it. Similarly, apps that use Google Cloud Messaging to receive push messages from internet servers such as Facebook will still perform this operation. But, it will limit apps that would show up with that label in the apps manager.

For next time each app needs to start, Android has to load the app from storage instead of RAM. This consumes more power and takes longer than running it again when the process was in memory and ultimately causes huge battery drain. Also, because it is a development option and can trigger rare bugs in some apps, and those application developers may not fix them.

Some user claim significant improvement in the performance of their mobile phone after enabling this option. Generally, this option should be enabled after one or two years, i.e. when mobile device become slow and sluggish.

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